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Our History

In March of 1995, Monte established Lion and Lamb Ministries as a non-profit religious education ministry, first publishing a monthly newsletter and offering his recipe for “anointing oil.” For nearly a year, he wrote the monthly newsletter and helped establish a local Messianic congregation. But then the doors opened wide to speak and teach in many places when he traveled to Israel for the first time. By the summer of 1996 many of his teachings came on to the national scene. They were not all well-received. They challenged believers to re-examine their eschatology (study of end times) and the basic instructions of the faith (the Torah). Many of his own Messianic Jewish brethren rejected him out of hand and he was the subject of much Lashon Hara against his name and message. God has used these issues to define the ministry and to refine Monte. As a result, Monte has helped establish many Messianic fellowships and congregations, and developed many Messianic teachings from Genesis to Revelation.

As time has gone on, opportunities have arisen to publicly teach, do radio interviews and even a few video programs. He has established a national youth camp held on an annual basis and promoted the keeping of the Biblical holidays, hosting one of the largest Feast of Tabernacles held in the United States. But, it is the consistent written message, month after month, that really connects people to this ministry. Without the people's interest and support, the ministry cannot sustain itself, or grow for that matter.

Lion and Lamb Ministries has grown with the help of many people over the last 19 years.  With the grace of the Father we hope to continue until His Son's return!


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