July 2010 Yavoh

Order of Battle – Middle East 2010

Eighteen months ago, Barack Obama became the President of the United States.  During his campaign, Obama pledged to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and continue support for Israel.  However, upon his entering office, the President began to embrace the Muslim nations by apology and appeasement.  He also began to show some daylight between the United States and Israel.  This new approach was supposedly intended to open the dialogue toward peaceful ends with Israel and others.  President Obama tried to put all relevant history behind him (9/11, etc.) in an attempt to move forward in a positive way.  With specific regard to Iran, President Obama suspended all efforts to gain more sanctions against Iran for a period of one year.  He set a deadline for Iran of January 31, 2010 to respond in a positive manner.  He then traveled to several Muslim nations giving a “new policy" speech in Cairo, Egypt denying that the United States was a Christian nation and stating that Israel would be held accountable for misdeeds. 

In the same time frame, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the reins of leadership in Israel.  Israel was blockading the Gaza Strip to keep Hamas (the Palestinian terrorist organization in control of the area) from rearming.  Israel had fought with Hamas, destroying their weapons factories and storage facilities to stop the thousands of rockets and mortars fired into surrounding Israeli cities.  Egypt had joined with Israel in the blockade and sought to prevent Hamas from building smuggling tunnels under the border between Gaza and Egypt.  On Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, Hezbollah was rearming with the aid of Iran and Syria after the battle with Israel dating back several years earlier.  President Obama had pledged to work toward an Israeli/Palestinian agreement but was quick to show his personal distaste for working with Netanyahu.

Six months ago, President Obama initiated an effort to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.  Negotiations had broken off when Israel invaded Gaza to destroy Hamas forces and rockets.  Netanyahu had called for direct negotiations without any preconditions; however, the Palestinians were not willing to negotiate with Netanyahu.  So, Obama proposed “indirect” negotiations.  The United States would shuttle to and fro between the Israelis and Palestinians to make progress on an agreement.  Apparently, the Palestinians agreed to this when they became convinced that Obama (with his new approach to the Muslims) would get tough with Israel and show favor toward them by stopping Israeli settlement construction.  The talks were to begin in early March of 2010 when suddenly the United States was “outraged” and “offended” by Israel.  Israel’s “grievous” offense occurred when the Israeli housing authority announced a plan to build an additional 1500 new homes in a well established Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem over a period of the next two years.  The announcement was made coincidently while Vice President Joe Biden was visiting.  For the record, Jerusalem has always been claimed by Israel since 1967 as a city and is not considered to be a settlement.  But UN Resolution 242 says they should give it back based on the 1967 borders with Jordan.  Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel, but the Palestinians want the land to be given to them.  The United States has always looked the other way on this matter and has never openly objected to the Jewish settlements or Jerusalem.  The only objection raised has been refusing to build the US embassy in Jerusalem until a final settlement is in place.

But suddenly, the United States was offended and accused Israel of embarrassing the Vice President and sabotaging the peace talks.  Before Israel could even understand what had happened, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Prime Minister Netanyahu informing him that the United States was “deeply offended.”  The Palestinians, meanwhile, were rejoicing and believed that Obama has turned over a new leaf in dealing with Israel, setting the stage for a “mandated” peace agreement.  Shortly thereafter, Netanyahu apologized and went to Washington.  The contempt toward Israel shown by the President was obvious.  President Obama’s dicourtesy at the White House was nothing less than contempt and disdain at a personal level.  Not only was Netanyahu shocked, but many in Congress and the citizens of this nation were stunned to hear of the President’s actions.  Some analysts believe that President’s Obama’s actions and attitude toward Israel has dramatically endangered Israel in the face of their mortal enemies.  Even further, without US support in the UN the door has been opened for the entire world to treat Israel with scorn and disdain.  Those same analysts also say that the Muslim nations, particularly Iran, have played the President “like a piano” and that his overtures toward peace have been completely rebuffed.  By the way, the January 31, 2010 deadline for Iran passed without a whimper.  Russia and China refused to cooperate with any new sanctions against Iran.  So much for Obama’s policy of apology and appeasement – it has failed miserably to his own embarrassment.

At the end of this past May, another event brought about even greater surprises.  The Turkish government sent “aid” ships toward Gaza to break Israel’s blockade.  When Israeli commandos set down on deck, the “activists” viciously attacked the first commandos with knives and clubs, nearly killing them.  In the minutes that followed, the Israelis defended themselves by killing nine activists.  The whole thing was a set-up to embarrass Israel and cause further conflict.  The world jumped on the first elements of the news with worldwide condemnation.  Still further, the world is now coming to the conclusion that Israel does not have the right to defend themselves and many are claiming they do not have the right to exist as a nation.  Turkey, a NATO member nation, who was an ally of the United States and Israel has suddenly reversed their foreign policy and is now leading the effort to discredit and harm Israel further, more than Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

Capping this all off, a famous long term White House news reporter, Helen Thomas, boldly declared that Israel and the Jews should “get out of Palestine” and “go home.”  When asked where home was, she stated that the Jewish home was Germany, Poland, and the United States.  She promptly resigned a week later once everyone heard her comments and the disdain in her voice and on her face on the internet site “YouTube.”

The Middle East has not shown any signs of moving toward peace in the last six months despite Obama’s “peace talks” now underway with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Instead, many of Israel’s enemies consider President Obama to be naive and foolish.  They have moved dramatically toward a military confrontation with Israel believing that President Obama will not support Israel in a future war.

A dramatic shift of weaponry and readiness among Israel’s enemies to the north began about six months ago.  Syria transferred 800 Scud D missiles and launchers to Hezbollah forming four complete missile brigades.  They are stationed in Syria just across the border from Lebanon with trained Hezbollah crews and Hezbollah markings on the weaponry.  When challenged about this, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon boasted that he now had the weapons to attack Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport in the middle of Israel.  Syria called the charge “Israeli lies” since the missiles had not been moved to Lebanon.  Since that time, a host of military forces have been assembled to support the claim of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas that there will be a war this summer and that Israel will be destroyed.

The remainder of this article presents in graphic form what analysts are saying might occur should this war break out.  What makes this analysis so compelling is that detailed elements of the battle plan seem to match the prophecies of Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Joel.  Those prophecies speak of an invasion into Israel (to the mountains of Israel), whereupon the God of Israel sends “fire from Heaven” utterly destroying Israel’s enemies.

To see all of this information in greater detail, go to www.lionlamb.net and watch the one-hour video entitled, Order of Battle - Middle East 2010.